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*High quality sculpted Camisks, Kilts, boots, silks,Display Cages, collars,cuffs. All of my collars and cuffs are Xcite!Token enabled to go with the Tokon bondage/slave system.


Silken Surrender

Sliks, Animations and other sundries

Moonlight Shadow

Gorean Furniture & Clothes Store – Low Prims, Low Prices


Sexy Gorean Ladies Panther and Slave wear for the slave or panther within you

Bound ~in~ Ecstacy

Custom and designer collars From RP to standard iron and the finest in image design  for the image you want  with fine silks  with the sharper lines  guaranteed to make master praise his girls beauty  and low prim panther wear.

May’s Soul Fashion Wear

Panther wear, accessories, kajira wear

Happy Tantrum

all Gorean related things for …. kajira .. Free Women .. and mostly Panther. All primarly clothing and accessories.