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Role Play Clothing for Free Men, Free Women, Panthers and Slaves, Gear and Animated Equipment and Devices; Furniture; Custom Work Done.


Flecha Creations

I build full perms sculpts for designers, most of them for gor (bows, low prim furniture, clothing accesories and more things). I think they can be used for sim owners, or people who want low prim furniture for gor too, or other accessories (most come with textures included).

~ S&S ~ Swords & Sahara Designs

Gorean and fantasy clothes:  gor, medieval, warrior, caste, roman, knight, free woman, lady, outlaw, panther, red savage, tuchuk , native, gladiator, free man, kajira, bond, slave, viking

INTUITION Dance Animations & Accessories

INTUITION provides all you need for expressive dance.  Our items are unique and include dancing silks, dance sets, MOCAP dance animations, fans, dance atmospheres, scripted garments, art and dance related builds of all kinds.  We love to do custom work and provide you the final product at no charge, contact Jordae Lytton by IM or notecard to discuss details.  Our dances change monthly and the Main Store in GMI Orlaith has a special discounted dance each month. Thank you!


My creations are silk and camisk. My kajira is a simple, but imaginative, and in most cases more than a glimpse to see. Search the texture is favored, and all prims are copy / mod / no trans while the clothing layers are copy only.


FreeWoman, Gorean North, Torvaldsland Design, Slaves, Pani, Winter clothes, Seasonal Clothes, Kajira Silks, Camisks, Tateeras, Slave Rags, Bondmaid Dresses, Collars unscripted & scripted, Necklaces scripted & unscripted, Boots, Belts, Cloaks, Custom Creations, Creations on Request, City/Village Designs


Attire for  Slaves, FreeWomen, Panthers.