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GFS Hunts!!!!

          ·:*¨★*:· Corset Lust Hunt·:*¨★*:·

1-14th of August in the Groovy 2011th Year ~ CONCEPT: Corset Lust! Everything and anything with the sexy allure of corset styling. One item per store only and it must be either a new design or regular full priced item – no discounted or discontinued items accepted.  Awesome, quality free stuff and the chance to see new stores you may not know about and add to your list of places to spend your hard earned lindens!!

List of Stores and their hunts and pics (if submitted) NOTE…the hunt goes in a circle so when you reach the store you started then you are done!

Whatz –
Hint: So long and thanks for all the ozimal food

!Damned –
Hint:  She likes to get FLIRTY

On a Lark –
Hint: Look into my eyes, Don’t be surprised, In the midst of being “Laced Up”, You will find your prize

Demonic –
Hint: A nice place to sleep… when your undead

MTC Designs –
Hint: Corners catch more than dust.

Torvis –
Hint: “She looked up. The moons were now over the trees. She looked down upon me, in her gold and brief skins. “Long ago,” she said, “I determined that it would be I who would rule.” She laughed, and thrust her foot against the side of my waist. “And it will be such as you,” she smiled, “who will serve.” (Hunters of Gor)

Blue Goose –
Hint: Off with thier heads

Blackcat Bones –
Hint: If you want to find a corset, you should look around the other corsets

Una & Luas –
Hint: Look for a place where the girls are dangerous and free, they wear precious gowns and you will find what you need.

Juicy Larma’s –
Hint:  Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water

Ripped –
Hint: A little up and a little right of some other corsets you might like!

Sassy Kitty –
Hint:  Dim the Lights

XTC Leather –
Hint: At XTC Leather, your corset does hide. Look on a balcony from a window outside.

Hint: care for reading ?

JN Design –
Hint: its hide beside/behind a plant left side in store …just don’t forget to go upstairs

DivaLicious –
Hint: TRUST me, this is not too hard to find

Carrie’s Lingerie –
Hint:”Your gift is all bagged up and ready to go.”

D’Funk Design’s –
Hint:  If you look high thats where i’ll be at, but be careful its very bright where I’m at.

Taileursputain –
Hint: I am very fleshy this days  😛

Dark Water Designs –
Hint: Gee, after all this hunting, i feel a little burned out

KristicA –
Hint: sniff the flowers

Spirit Store –
Hint: Suits and Accessories room are open for u!

Voltai –
Hint: You’ll find your Corset Lust Gift, where ladies can buy a shift

Riverdog –
Hint: “Stay inside the store, It’s not on floors 1, 2 or 4…Relief from the heat? This place is sweet!

Nightplay –
Hint: Can’t find your prize ? ..sit down and think about it

Nefarious –
Hint: I keep all my sexiest lingerie in my wardrobe

SNF Designs –
THREE GIFTS!! Hint: Doesn’t everyone love Midnight?
Hint: what time is it in Shel’s Closet?
Hint: Nali B is over me

Shantal –
Hint: Only Chica has the power

Dream Things –
Hint: Sometime between Summer and Autumn….

!Curvalicious –
Hint: I like big butts and i can not lie

Orage Creations –
Hint:  When you win an award



When you reach the store involved there will be a witches hat clue giver under the hunt sign.

Follow the hint until you find another witches hat which will give you the prize and the LM to the next store.  The hunt will begin at

Join the group for updates as we go, if you are not already in it!! For the duration of the hunt only the group chat will be available to all in the group
Paste this into your main chat and then click the link


Please do not TP your friends in, or tell everyone the locations….the idea of the hunt is to make it fun for everyone to actually HUNT for the prize.  Be warned, anyone found to be doing it will be banned from the group and most likely from the stores for the duration of the hunt.

Any queries send an IM to Apolonia Anatine or Maison Nightfire with your COMPLETE query..Please do not just IM with Hi or hello etc..many thanks and above all HAVE FUN!!


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