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How do I join GFS?

  1. Type in search “Gorean Fashion Syndicate”, the group is set on open enrollment, so you should be able to join for free, or…
  2. Copy this link (secondlife:///app/group/c5bf94b9-5d3c-a569-d23c-4c85bb405d2c/about) without the brackets to your chatbar and click it from your chat history. The group will pop up.

Instructions for new designers

Send a notecard to Apolonia Anatine, including:

  1. Your name and the name of your business.
  2. SLURL to your store. Not a landmark! To make a SLURL you open your map and click “copy SLURL to your clipboard”. Next you can paste it with CTRL+ALT+V to the notecard.
  3. A brief description of what gorean products you are selling. This description will be put on this blog so the better the description, the more hits. I do not place pictures so no need sending them.
  4. Does your business have a blog? If so, include link.

PLEASE NOTE: I may not do it IMMEDIATELY. I am doing this voluntarily and I get a lot of applications, please understand this and remember i do also have a real life and life in SL to play!


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