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GFS Rules

Gorean Fashion Syndicate, rules updated 22nd December 2010

We really like to keep it simple, but some rules are necessary.

1. Only designers are able to use the group chat, please use it with thought, none of us like blabbering or spam there.

2. This group is for products for your store, the gorean ones. So please do NOT send notices about events, competitions, available market stall, special linden days, mm boards (or similair variations) or hunts etc.  The rules were put in place in coalition with the members and the creators so keep to them, violation of these rules WILL result in a temp ban for the first offence, longer ban for the second offence and ejection on the third.

3. Two notices every week.
We don’t care if its just a landmark, but our advice is that you send a note card so you can put in a picture and description with the landmark. That way people can also decide to save the note card and watch or visit them later.
We are aware the two notices a week’ can be taken differently, so it means two notices per 7 days.  If you really need an exception you can always contact one of us!  Suggestion?..Just pick a day to send your notices

4. If you haven’t announced for five weeks, that doesn’t mean you may announce the next week five times. Once a week period.

5. If you are not english, please make sure there is an english translation in your notice too, please. Adding a picture may help too.

7. No drama! Let’s not solve problems by sending notices falling down on people. Drop us a note card or IM if you run into problems.
Apolonia Anatine, Taz Freenote and Maison Nightfire


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