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Since 2006 Roawenwood has been creating high quality affordable merchandise for discriminating residents.  Finely crafted furniture, home furnishings and more from rustic to elaborate to enhance your role play.  Outdoor living, and a dramatic line of clothing and avatar accessories including footwear, camisks, kirtles, and silks.

Medieval, village, peasant, chore, work, pirate, traveler, castle furniture, castle, prefab, hunters camp, camping, tent, cottage, garden, gardening, wagon, plants, landscaping, servery, bakery, kitchen, lighting, fireplace, campfire, fire, oven, potter, pottery, dining, dining sets, rug, chess, chess set, bath, bath tub, desk, desks, library, scribery, weaving, weaving loom, gathering, harvest, harvesting, Tahari, Torvaldsland, desert, fountain, gazebo, pergola, massage, Lady, Lord, Sir, Miss, hearth, scribe, warrior, physician, herbalist, role-play, roleplay, counter-earth, counter earth, low prim, fantasy, furs, floor pillows cushions freebies Lucky Tribe Midnight Mania kudos


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