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**Angelwing Fashion**

I am rather new to making silks, I started because really , I love silks for their beauty and probably their complexity. I am slowly learning different methods etc as to making them, some of my silks are more bold, whilst others aresofter and prettier. I am dedicated to improving my techniques, and hoping that eventually one day, I may be able to hold up a piece of work and say, I think this is nearly as good as other ive seen. I have a mainstore with one side entirely dedicated to making silks, all of my silks come with strip scripts, and all except two sets ( which i need to update) come with anklet bells and slave papers. NONE of my silks are priced over 350ls, this is a huge point with me, I will NOT charge any more than that for them. I want to be in the business of making silks for the long term, and hopefully I can only improve on my skills:)


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