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Sweet Poison

Experience a new kind of shopping at Sweet Poison and become addicted. The Sweet Poison Village is full of high quality items boasting fine detail capturing an old world feel with creations suitable for your medieval/gorean/fantasy needs. Sweet Poison offers a wide variety of merchandise ranging from clothing, furniture, food, roleplay sets, prefabs, textures, and much much more. We cater to the hard working citizen by offering specialized roleplay sets for roles like: physician, apothecary, historian/scribe, fisherman/sailor, woodland dweller/panther, baker/butcher, blacksmith/metal worker, merchant,  slaver, warrior, slave, and many more.

chores animations poses medical furniture food textures blacksmith market RP accessories gorean medieval RolePlay Old world tattoos clothes FW FM slave kitchen butcher baker fisherman metalworker apothecary physician warrior scribe historian beehives awmill vegetables meatdrink fountains desk chair lamp table cushion mat love bookcase broom chandelier sword weapons forgebow bows master mistress medicinetools rustic doctor


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