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Wild Style Fashions

Here’s a brief look at my Gorean outfit offerings:
Goddess Silks:
I’m very proud of these sets, and you can feel free to come by the Wild Style main store and ask me or one of my gorgeous models to model it.  You’ll be amazed when you see all the tiny goodies you can have when you dedicate over 540 prims to an outfit!  Perfect for dancing, Gorean roleplay, and having fun with that special someone.  Become the Love Goddess with one of these awesome sets!

Kajira Camisk and silks
These camisk and silks sets have my fun rip script too, and have fewer prims.  Jacket layer camisk top blends with prim skirt that is rip-scripted.  Silks on arms and legs are also scripted.

Wild Style offers a full range of clothing for fun; including lingerie, casual and rave dance outfits.  I’m happy to try and tackle your custom clothing orders too; just IM me or send a note card with your requirements.


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