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Chained Heat ~Wild Heat~ ..::Veiled Heat::.

Chained Heat has a wide variety of items…from Roaming Huntable Bosk and Bosk Avatars…to Silks and Slave rags…to septum rings and toe rings, collars and slave paper carriers….to framed pictures of the gorean and erotic graffiti variety…not to mention the bedroom suites on the second floor animated for your sexual pleasure…grins…

Gor/Gorean/Camisk/Camisks/silk/silks/slave/slaves/Master/Sex/shopping/BDSM/toe ring/toe rings/animated hand fans/bosk avatar/furniture/collar/collars/pictures/septum rings/turian nose rings/free hair/shapes/slave rags/panther slave furs

~ Wild Heat ~ Panther, Taluna, Red Savage, Feathers, beads, Teepee, Boots, huntress, rags, Feral clothes, Low prim weapons rack, fur rugs, sex rug, pelt tanning stand

.::Veiled Heat::.

Free Woman of Gor, Gorean Freewoman, Gor,  FW, Gowns, Mistress, Freewoman clothes, Free Woman Dresses. Veils, Eyes


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