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CanDy Silks, Formals, Clothes and more!

New scripted collars and Gorean FW Jewelry with collar scripts for those that want the perks of collars without wearing one!! These are HUD and chat controlled and completely silent. One Master can control up to 12 slaves from one HUD. Tons of animations , poses and Master/slave options!!

Beautiful Gorean silks, flexi prim silks, fire dance pit, sex bath, collars, Gor FW Free Women, Free Woman clothing, tons of flexi clothing, goth, casual, Latex, flexi dresses, tuxedos, suits, gowns, jeans, t-shirts, mens, naval uniform, wedding clothing for every budget. We also have almost freebies in the CanDy Machine, sexy artwork, and do custom orders for your wedding or formal event. IM Cape Weary.

Big store, all items on the wall with big pictures for easy browsing, no scrolling through vendors.
All our items are transfer, many hand painted and designed. All our items are transferable and make great gifts! Gift Cards available.

Join our CanDy Lovers group for special promotions and announcements.


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