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Axis Creations



Gorean and Medieval roleplay accessories. I build animated furniture items such as kitchens, baths, loungers. Also, I have a variety of non animated items: Food, fireplaces, low prim decor.

StarFire Silks/Chain Sisters Collective

SILKS (focus on practical Tower Slave designs), SLAVE LIVERY, CAMISKS

Bellydance Props Kawala

We have searched the world to bring you the  most unique, original, and exotic belly dance   accessories.  Enhance your  performance with our selection of props : cymbals, feather fan, gor, isis, harp, Shamadan, firering, firefans, lovely silks

La Petite Morte

Female Skins

*SLAVE* Dressing Room

Slave silks,collars,slave chains,gorean slave or outlaw outfit,some gift and freebie


Adam n Eve

Clothes, Shoes, Skins, Shapes, Make-Up, Men’s Skins, Hair, Tattoos, kids skins (pixie), Silks, Medieval & Fantasy, Original Mesh & Sculpt Products